Matrices and Determinants
  1. Matrices and determinants (Mac Tutor - University of St Andrews)
  1. Bash Manual (GNU)
  1. Introduction to the Smalltalk Programming Language
The Moon
  1. If The Moon Were Only One Pixel
C Language
  1. Welcome to John Regehr's Integers in C quiz
  2. Demystifying bitwise operations, a gentle C tutorial
  3. Low-Level C Programming (Course) Ryan Meuth
  5. Linus Torvalds Nothing better than C
  6. Build Your Own Lisp. Learn C and build your own programming language in 1000 lines of code!
  7. Structures in C: From Basics to Memory Alignment
  8. Few lesser known tricks, quirks and features of C
  9. {n} times faster than C - part one
  10. Comparing C to machine language
  11. So You Think You Know C? And Ten More Short Essays on Programming Languages (Oleksandr Kaleniuk)
  1. Awk by example (IBM)
  2. AWK one-liner collection
  3. Why Learn AWK? (Jonathan Palardy)
  4. Awk Tutorial, part 1 (Jonathan Palardy)
  5. Fascination of AWK (Volodymyr Gubarkov)
  6. The Awk Programming Language (pdf, Internet Archive)
  7. The AWK Programming Language, Second Edition
  8. Simple webserver written in gawk
Computer Science
  1. A Data-Centric Introduction to Computing
  2. Memory Allocation
  3. A brief, incomplete, and mostly wrong history of programming languages (One div zero)
  4. A Functional Introduction To Computer Science (Part I)
  5. How do computers read code?
  6. What was Coding like 40 years ago?
  7. Internet Archive: Computers & Technology
  8. Putting the You in CPU (Written by 17-yr Old)
  9. Point-Free or Die: Tacit Programming in Haskell and Beyond by Amar Shah
  10. Where Did the QWERTY Keyboard Come From?
  11. IBM's World of Numbers (Computer History Museum)
  12. The Tao of Programming
  13. How SSH port became 22
Open Source Society University
  1. Open Source Society University
  1. Maxima (A Computer Algebra System)
  1. My favourite 3 lines of CSS
  2. After Dark Screensavers in CSS
  3. An end to typographic widows on the web
  4. nth-child() just got an upgrade
  5. TailWindCSS
  6. An Introduction to the fr CSS unit
  1. Learn Vim (The Smart Way)
  2. How to copy to the clipboard with Vim (SO)
  3. CJ Saathoff How To Search and Replace Using The Vim Text Editor
  1. The easiest way to get started with Electron
Web Site Hosting
  1. Comparing Static Site Hosts; Which Is The Best Host For A Static Site?
  1. ASCII Double-Murder
  1. 30-Days-Of-Python
  2. Inside python dict — an explorable explanation
  3. Linear Programming in Python
  4. Advanced Python Mastery. A course by David Beazley
  5. Think Python, 3rd edition. by Allen B. Downey
  1. Vectorization: A Key Tool To Improve Performance On Modern CPUs
  1. All JavaScript and TypeScript Features From the Last 3 Years
  2. Why Not document.write()?
  3. JSON vs XML With Douglas Crockford
  4. It’s Not Wrong that 🤦‍♂️.length == 7
  5. I Waited 15 Years For These New Array Methods
  6. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (JavaScript Edition)
Visual Basic
  1. The History and Legacy of Visual Basic (Ryan Lucas)
  1. redguardtoo/mastering-emacs-in-one-year-guide
  2. Mastering Emacs Together
  3. Mastering Emacs
  1. cURL
  3. cURL documentation
Computer Networks
  1. An Introduction to Computer Networks (Peter L Dordal)
  2. ACM Turing Award Honors Bob Metcalfe for ethernet
  3. Ethernet: distributed packet switching for local computer networks (Classic Paper)
  1. So you've installed fzf. Now what?
  1. The History of the Natural Logarithm - How was it discovered? (Tarek Said)
  2. The Irish logarithm
Let's Encrypt
  1. Improving Resiliency and Reliability for Let’s Encrypt with ARI
  1. 5 Mind-Blowing FREE Windows Apps (you probably didn't know existed) [Leila Gharani]
  1. Janet for Mortals
  2. Janet Language
  1. mullvad browser (and VPN)
text fragments
  1. Boldly link where no one has linked before: Text Fragments
  2. Feature: Scroll to Text Fragment
  3. Text fragments (MDN)
  4. URL Fragment Text Directives (W3C)
  1. Numerical Integration
exercism (coding lessons)
  1. exercism
  1. Getting Started with LaTeX By David R. Wilkins (TCD)
  2. Katex: The fastest math typesetting library for the web
  1. Transform Code (Nested 'With' Problem)
  2. Functions That Remember Values They Have Found
  3. Transformation Rules and Definitions
  4. Associating Definitions with Different Symbols (Upvalues and Downvalues)
  6. An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language
  7. How to Teach Computational Thinking
  8. A (Somewhat) Quick Intro to Mathematica (b3m2a1)
  1. Bullet Train: The Open Source Ruby on Rails SaaS Framework
  2. The Rails Doctrine. David Heinemeier Hansson
  1. algorithmica ( Sergey Slotin)
The Web
  1. The web’s most important decision ( Jay Hoffmann)
  1. The Man Who Invented the Modern Cop Novel
  2. A Biography of the Pixel (Alvy Ray Smith)
  3. Jared Diamond: A Reply to His Critics (Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies)
  4. The Informer Liam O Flaherty
  5. Data-Driven Science and Engineering Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems, and Control (Brunton & Kutz) PDF
  6. The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity. by David Graeber , David Wengrow
  7. The Hundred Years War Vol 5: Triumph and Illusion. Jonathan Sumption
  1. If you do not know what you would have done under all possible scenarios, then you cannot know the Type I error rate for your analysis.
  1. Learn x86-64 assembly by writing a GUI from scratch
  1. The New dialog HTML Element Changes Modals Forever
QR Codes
  1. Decoding small QR codes by hand
Regular Expressions (regex)
  1. A regular expression to check for prime numbers
  2. Regex 101 (Checker)
  3. RexEgg
  1. Bloomsday! The Library’s One-of-a-Kind Copy of Ulysses (Library of Congress Blog)
  2. The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Odyssey (Homer). Translator: Samuel Butler
  3. The Odyssey (1900) (Butler) St. John's College Cambridge
References (Literature)
  1. Anna's Archive
SI Units
  1. The International System of Units (SI): Defining constants
Normal Distribution
  1. Why π is in the normal distribution (beyond integral tricks)
  2. But what is the Central Limit Theorem?
  1. The Dark History of Zip Files (Dave's Garage)
  2. Huffman Encoding and Data Compression (Stanford)
  1. HAL 9000 and the Sexadecimal Mystery - Finally Explained (Dave's Garage)
Study Tips
  1. William J. Rapaport. How to Study
File Transfer
  1. How to copy a file between devices?
Apostrophe Protection Society
  1. Apostrophe Protection Society
  1. Infinite Mac
  2. The original WWW proposal is a Word for Macintosh 4.0 file from 1990, can we open it?
  3. Copy to Mac Clipboard from Vim (pbcopy)
  4. Xcode and clang
  1. Why SQLite uses Bytecode
  1. Bitand and highest power of two (x & -x)